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This page was last updated: May 13, 2021
PTA Membership

Membership is one of our biggest fundraisers!  
Become a CW PTA Member by mail or online.
Your membership helps to fund our  children's programs!

Fees: $15/individual and $5/students.
Stop N Shop A+ Rewards:
Candlewood PTA receives a percentage of your Stop N Shop purchase at no extra cost to you.  Register your Stop N Shop card by clicking on this link:
Stop N Shop A+ Rewards
enter 09006 for Candlewood's School ID.
HHH PTA Council's
PRC/Task Force Committee 
asks you to 
Texting & Driving- 
It Can Wait! 

Click here for more details
Candlewood is a place where respect and civility is honored and expected from students, staff and parents. Enter these doors with the best intentions.
 To join online, click the button below, select the desired membership category and enter the required information. Then click "Add to Card" and follow the quick and easy steps.  Your PTA Membership card will arrive via email immediately. 

If you have any questions, please contact our 
VP of Membership, 
Melixa Abad

We are collecting Box Tops!

Please send yours in today!

Candlewood Middle School PTA
Executive Officers for 2020-2021

     President   Melanie Schneider                                
     Vice President of Fundraising   Grace Libardi           Vice President of Membership   Melixa Abad
     Treasurer   Renee Pelliccione
     Corresponding Secretary   Patti Waite
     Recording Secretary    Kim Wong           

   * * * * * *    Upcoming Events   * * * * * *          

Next PTA Meeting

Thursday, June 10 @ 10:00 AM

will feature the installation of the 
2021-2022 PTA Executive Committee Officers.

An email will be sent out ahead of the meeting 
with access details.

* * * * *

Get ready to celebrate the Class of 2021!

Click here for the list of events 
planned for our 8th graders

     President   Tina Shek
     Vice President of Membership   Michelle Bernstein
     Treasurer   Kim Wong
     Corresponding Secretary   Pam Lipton
     Recording Secretary   Niti Bahl

Vice President of Fundraising remains open.  
If anyone is interested in filling this position 
please notify Melanie Schneider 
as soon as possible.
Slate for the 2021-2022
PTA Executive Committee